The Funny thing about Flags


Don’t get me wrong I appreciate a good American Flag when I see one, however I am not one to hang a flag in my home. When we participated in the Hartford Flower and garden show we met some pretty awesome makers.  We met a man who has been creating these AMAZING bird houses for 20 years. His birdhouses are all made from repurposed barn wood. They are so rustic and beautiful. We nicknamed him “birdman”. After Birdman saw our booth and material he told us we should make an American flag. At the time, I was totally against the idea. My husband was more open to creating one. However,  we both decided we did not want to become known as the company who makes “the flags.” So we threw the idea out.


Fast forward two months… and we have now created 4 flags and have orders for 3 more. We decided to create the first one after getting a personal request for one. We really love how they are coming out.  Creating the flags provided us with a new challenge and also let us put our own twist on such a traditional piece. The whole experience taught us to be open to all ideas. It taught us to listen to people.   And now I will admit I would hang one of our custom flags in my home !