Family Dinners

Hello friends, Happy Monday!  The weekend sped by quickly per usual. We were busy over here in pallet land. I was battling a cold all weekend and unfortunately that delayed some of the progress but the boys were hard at work. Friday was Cinco De Mayo and we made homemade margaritas and tacos.  I couldn’t really taste anything… but I heard everything was delicious. We got some cool “Cinco “themed photos, so it made it all worth it. Saturday,  I had to work at my other job ( I am a nurse).  During the week I work as a school nurse and occasionally I pick up shifts in the ER. So while I was working, Brian was creating the Mosaic Monday pieces.  


We have learned a lot about the mosaic making process. Mike and Andrew the two other members of TPP prep all the pieces Brian may use during the creation. They sand the wood strips and paint or stain them certain colors. We recently bought 8 thin/ narrow bins, (the kind that slide under beds)  which are the perfect organizers and allow us to sort the different colors and stains. Brian then can pick the pieces he wants to use. The creation process has become extremely efficient.  Brian ended up making three Mosaics. He typically shows them to me when they are finished.  I have three reactions to the products. Either “ eh it’s okay”, “I LOVE IT” or I just scream … “AHHHHHHH” When I scream we both know it’s a good thing.  Let’s just say when he showed me the finished products of this past weekend I screamed 


Sunday Funday was a great day. We had the opportunity to go show some of our work to the owners of The Rustic Barn in Killingworth CT. Brian and I met the owners Lisa and Steve. They were so welcoming and personable. We really enjoyed the experience. We left there excited after they ordered some of our work to put in their store!  How awesome is that! Cannot wait to show you how their orders come out.  The rest of Sunday was filled with household chores, sign making, and eating. For the past few weeks we have been having “Family dinners” on Sunday nights. My parents come and my sister along with TPP members. I think we have all come to enjoy this short time of relaxation. We chat about the business, what the week ahead looks like, and reflect back on the previous week. We laugh and come up with new creative ideas.  It’s hard making time for family while working a full time job and then working all night trying to grow a small business. Family Dinners allow us to spend time with our loved ones while still getting work done. WIN WIN!  Thanks for reading friends, stay tuned for more blogs and even some in VIDEO FORM. Also, hope you all are loving the website, feedback is always welcome! Be positive, be kind, love one another, work hard and just live the life you want! Cheers!