The Pallet People are bloggers

Hey everyone out there, or the five of you reading this. Haha!  While designing our website, we were talking, and decided it would be pretty sweet to start a blog on the site. So here it goes. My name is Victoria, and I will be the one providing The Pallet People’s journey in written form.

So, if you read our story you know how TPP (The Pallet People) started, so that’s covered.  In February we decided to get SERIOUS about the business because we signed up to do the Hartford Flower and Garden Show.  Our very first show! How exciting! We had NO IDEA what to expect at all. I’ll reemphasize this… NO IDEA. So we started building signs… and also procrastinated. Two weeks until the show and we needed way more inventory. So thankfully two of our best friends stepped up to help us prep.  My husband (Brian) and his two buddies started creating pallet signs.  I started coming up with designs for them. In the end we had over 200 signs to bring with us to the show. Shout out to my family for helping touch them up and pack them up.  Brian also was working on our very first wood mosaic to bring to the show. 

He finished the piece and we used it as the backdrop of our display. His Aunt lives out in California and loved the piece, ending up being the first person to buy one of our wood mosaics. So exciting!  We did well at the show, and also learned a lot! We also met some great people during the process.  The whole experience just got us excited. We decided to build our small business and really work on it.

We are excited. We are ready to work, and the journey for us has only just begun. The Pallet People are here to stay. We know building a business is tough but we are so up for the challenge.