These are a few of our Favorite Things ✨

You have probably seen a lot of our favorite things if you follow our Instagram page , but I'm going to list them anyway . Here's a list of our favorite day to day items that we'd hate to live without (besides pallets)❤️.

1. White Monster Energy Drinks ( all the members of TPP have an open addiction to these bad boys). 

2. Music 🎶... I doubt you'll ever come to the shop when we aren't listening to something . Whether it be top hits , or a random selection from Andrew, we live for it. 

3. Bose portable speaker 🔊. We love our Bose!  

4. Corona Lights with Lime....The beer of choice around here  . 

5. Deco Color paint pens. ( I won't use anything else ) and this was after a lot of trials!  

6. Our video camera... if you come to TPP headquarters expect to be on film . We are always playing around with our cam. It's an older Nikon DSLR that we weren't using , so we attatched a microphone and a cool tripod. Now it's one of our most used objects.

7. Minwax Polycrylic ... a fellow woodworker told us about this product and it's literally the best thing to have happened to us. 

8. Rolling work tables... the boys built our work tables out of scrap pallets wood and added wheels to the base. This way we can roll them out of the garage when the weather is nice!  

9. Burn Barrel ... not only is it awesome for friends to sit around but also lets us burn a lot of pallet scraps at once 

10. Ticonderoga erasers ... never realized how bad some erasers are. Ticonderoga are our favorite ! You'd never believe how annoying the pencil on our signs is. These erasers definitely help.

11. Our iPhone 7 ... takes dope photos 📸