They've got us surrounded



The pallets are everywhere. Full pallets stacked behind the garage up to the roof. Stripped pallets stacked against the green brick walls inside. Pallet scraps in barrels around the garage filled to the brim. Remnants of what used to be pallets spread over the concrete floor. Pieces of pallet in the burn barrel in the back yard. Pallet signs in the basement loaded in the racks which are also made of pallets. Finished pallet signs in the kitchen, where they line the walls as they await their fate. Will they hang on another’s wall? Will they be used at someone’s special day? Or will they become a mistake and get tossed out to the back yard and join the scraps in the burn barrel? The Pallet People are outnumbered, we are covered in sawdust, and surrounded by pallets, and our home has turned into a workshop. From the living room down to the basement and out to the garage. The “palletless” life we once knew is long gone. And we wouldn’t want it any other way.

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