Summer days

In our book summer is way too short. How can you  beat the long hot days that turn into late nights? How can you top those fanciful blue skies? The way your skin tingles when the first summer rays hit it . The feeling of warmth and comfort as the sand nestles between your toes. The daily iced coffees , summer brews ... the list goes on and on .

     TPP thrive in the summertime . We get to be outside ,  we aren't freezing in the garage with a small propane heater . We don't have to wear winter hats and gloves . The garage doors don't have to be shut tight while we  pray for the glory days to be upon us once again .

    So for now... while we have the chance, we are going to take advantage of these warm days . We are going to relish in the heat. We are going to hang with friends and enjoy long  beach days . We will cheers countless times with our Corona Lights, and we will count our blessings , as we watch the dazzling sun bleed into dark indigo skies.