Our Shop Dog 6/5/17


So by now you’ve seen plenty of Rory Kaye in photos and videos around our house and shop! But it’s time you were properly introduced. Rory is an old soul. Brian and I rescued him from PAWS NEW ENGLAND https://www.pawsnewengland.com/ approximately two and a half years ago and immediately fell in love. Rory was a stray dog found in Georgia. Rory is the most relaxed, easy going dog I have ever met. We have probably heard him bark 6 times since rescuing him. He is so full of love for other people. And always appreciates a good hug.

Rory is approximately 6 years old the vet says. But we really have no idea of his age. He sleeps with us every night, taking up most of the space. He loves long car rides, well he actually just loves being in the car. He is truly obsessed with being outside. He will sit for hours in the rain, loves digging holes all over the yard, and believe it or not he loves to hunt. There have been plenty of times where we catch him with other animals in his mouth.  It still shocks us that this lazy, slow moving dog can catch anything, but he does.

Brian had never had a family pet before Rory and we both say it every day “how did we get so lucky” and “we’ll never get a dog better than him” Rory is definitely a top member of the TPP crew. He follows us around the shop, and is always overseeing our work. So if you ever want to meet the most chill dog stop on by the TPP headquarters.  You can find him lying motionless in the grass or sleeping in the back of the Volvo wagon.