Cuckoo for coconut ! 5/31/17

Hey Friends! Funny story to share. So a few weeks ago, I was working on a sign and a little bit before I had put coconut oil on my hands. As I was working I noticed words I had already written were smudging off. I called Brian in and I was like “ I think the paint you used on this board is defective.” He responds with “ Tor it’s the same paint I use all of the time, so I don’t know.” I was totally stumped at that point. But I rewrote the words that had mysteriously disappeared and kept working. 10 – 15 minutes later I realized I had the coconut oil on my hands and AHA I knew that was the culprit. 

This past week  I created a wood stained sign with a wedding date on it. I show the customer the piece and she loves it but to her dismay she had told me the wrong date! She asked if there was any way I could change it without having to redo the sign. In the past we would have sanded off the wrong date and re-stained the area. This is a timely process. I decided to try and take off the wrong date with COCONUT OIL, and guess what it worked!

Now any time there is a mistake made I just reach for that magical oil. Thank you coconuts!