Dumpster Diving

Hey friends! I am loving writing these blog posts. Gives me the opportunity to vent and really paint a picture of who The Pallet People are. I don’t know if anyone is actually reading them but hey you snooze you lose.  

So we have been working extremely hard this week. Putting in those long hours, especially Brian. I get home at 4pm and first I walk our pup then typically start writing on the signs the boys have made for me. I got to bed around 10pm depending how my work is coming out. And believe it or not 10 is late for me. Brian gets home around 5:30/6. Brian puts in long hours, staying up until 12:30- 1am most nights and then getting up at 6:30 am. After work, he typically goes pallet and cardboard hunting. He searches local dumpsters for extra cardboard to ship our work hahaha. And then goes to a few places for pallets. This is on top of going to UPS to ship our orders. In the summer I will be able to at least help with some of these tasks.  So anyways you get the picture, we are busy. 

I really love what we are doing but if you can imagine our entire house looks like a dump site. Cardboard and pallet signs everywhere you look. Brian is definitely not the neatest. Plus, with limited time and space it gets tough. Organization and keeping the house neat is probably one of our biggest challenges. Please send a maid ASAP. 

So what keeps us going? Honestly it’s you guys! It’s all the positive feedback we have been getting. It’s the followers and comments on Instagram .  It’s seeing our piece on the wall of a customer’s home. It’s getting an Etsy sale and then noticing the order is going to Tennessee! We are loving the love. This entire experience is so rewarding and just motivatesand pushes us to work harder every night. So thank you! We appreciate you! Keep following along, we cannot wait to see what’s next!